Question and Answer

What does ohhara, your nickname, mean?

It has no meaning. My father named me 'Oh hara'. However, family objected to name me ohhara. Therefore, my name is not ohhara, now. But I like ohhara. So I use ohhara as a nickname. Why did my fathers name me ohhara? Because ohhara is very easy to pronounce and the name ohhara exists in Korea, Japan, the USA, and so on. My father wanted me to work not for Korea but for the world.

What's your dream?

My dream is world domination. I want to be the best in the world.

What's your plan?

I am studying Electronic and Electrical Engineering as my double major in postech. I will be graduated from university in 2004. After graduated, I will go abroad and get a good job. If you can help me to go abroad and get a good job, please send email to me. I will be very happy, if you hire me in 2004.

Are you a hacker?

I don't know if I am a hacker. It's up to you. If you think I am a hacker, I am a hacker.

Do you always hack?

I don't always hack. I do many other works. The hacking is just one of my many works. However, many people think that I always hack. I don't pay much attention to hacking.

I don't know anything about hacking. How can I hack?

You can get much of information in the internet. Therefore, you can hack many sites with hacking tools if you know English. However, I don't recommend this way.

How can I be a real hacker?

Study c, c++ and assembly at first. Then, you can get the basic knowlege of the computer. And study computer architecture, operating system and computer network. After you study all of that, think about computer. JUST THINK. Then, you will be a hacker.

Can you hack any server?

Sure I can. However, I don't hack because it's very time comsuming job and I have no time.

How many servers have you hacked?

I have hacked hundreds of servers and gotten the root permission. However, almost all hacking tries are for security check in the postech

Can you teach me what you know?

I have no time. Therefore, I can't. But I can do if you have a special reason.

Why do you always have a smiling face?

I have been always happy. So I forgot other expression.

How long have you played piano and violin?

My hobby is playing piano and violin. I have played violin for three years and piano for five years.