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RealnameTaeho Oh ( 'Oh' is my family name. )
Height 170cm
Weight 65kg
Blood type Rh+ A
Sex Male
Character type Optimistic
My dream World domination
My work I am working on Android on STB(Set-top Box) in Alticast
Hobby Playing piano and violin
MSN Messenger


You can read the newspaper articles about me. However, all of the articles are written in Korean.

My works

You can see my works. It's my history. If you want a brief version, here is my resume.

Security related papers and codes

You can see my security related papers and codes.


Oh! Text Hooker
Oh! Babel Helper Library
Oh! Multi Video Player
Oh! Multicast Video Scanner

Question and Answer

You can see the frequently asked questions and the answers about me.

My Introduction

My self introduction in English. It is mp3 file format. After listening to my introduction, you can know my English pronunciation is poor. :-(

My pictures

You can see my pictures. You can see my computer that I work on.

My family

You can see my family. My father, mother and grandmother.

My video

You can see my video. It needs DivX4 codec. In this video, I explain why I select postech for my university. It's in Korean.


You can see the web sites which have a relation with me.

Web board

If you want to leave a message, write here.

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Last updated : 2016/01/24
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