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Oh! Text Hooker is THREE YEAR OLD! ( 2006/05/16 )
Three years passed from Oh! Text Hooker initial release. Happy birthday~!
Today, I have a good news for Korean user. If you tried to use AGTH, you might feel that it's not easy to use with ezTrans XP for translating Japanese into Korean. To solve this problem, PublicEnemy made a ClipHookerEX. THANK YOU VERY MUCH, PublicEnemy. ClipHookerEX receives text from AGTH by using clipboard interface and translates Japanese into Korean by using ezTrans XP. It still has several minor problems but I think the problems will be fixed soon. Check it out the ClipHookerEX homepage. http://blog.naver.com/neversnow

AGTH - Anime Games Text Hooker is released ( 2006/04/23 )
AGTH is a program which works like Oh! Text Hooker. I haven't tried this program, so I am not sure, but according to the manual, it seems much better than my Oh! Text Hooker. I think it is worth to try it.
You can download AGTH from http://agthook.googlepages.com/index.html.
You can get more information about AGTH from http://forum.anime-reactor.net/viewtopic.php?t=16656 and http://www.hongfire.com/forum/forumdisplay.php?f=32.

Atlas translation plugin is now available ( 2005/05/18 )
fk0 made Atlas translation plugin. THANK YOU VERY MUCH.
You can download the plugin from http://www.btinternet.com/~dazzyrowe/jatlasE_beta.zip.
It uses Atlas V11. Atlas V11 is one of famous Japanese-English and English-Japanese translation software. You can get more information about Atlas from http://software.fujitsu.com/jp/atlas.
If you have Atlas V11, you don't need to connect to internet to translate Japanese into English in the realtime. It's very convenient.
Note that fk0's Atlas translation plugin is now beta stage so it has several minor problems but I am sure the problems will be fixed soon.

Korean FAQ is updated ( 2005/03/11 )
Add a new FAQ about "Invalid Plugin Dll" error message.

Good news for English users ( 2005/03/09 )
I am very sorry for lazy update of this homepage. I am now preparing for moving to Japan for a job(packing my stuff, getting working visa, alian registration in Japan, and so on). So I am busy. Sorry.
Anyway, Oh! Text Hooker jetrans.dll hasn't worked for a while because the format of the translation web page (amikai) had been changed.
themabus released the patch for this problem. THANK YOU VERY MUCH. Look at
You can get a lot of information about Oh! Text Hooker (in English) at
You can read step by step instruction at
Thank you very much for using Oh! Text Hooker.
PS: All information I notice today is unofficial. In other words, all information is made not by me but by Oh! Text Hooker user.

Oh! Text Hooker ver 1.0 ( 2004/05/16 )
readme.txt is updated.
FAQ is updated.
Remove rUGP 5.37.20 patch because it is buggy and rUGP 5.40.10 patch is much better than rUGP 5.37.20 patch.
Nothing is changed in the Oh! Text Hooker binary files except for version number.
The full source codes of Oh! Text Hooker is added. The source code can be used freely under GPL. (Good news)
Stop developing Oh! Text Hooker. (Bad news)

Oh! Text Hooker ver 0.5 ( 2004/03/08 )
"Remove repeated sentence" option is added.
Fix several minor bugs.
FAQ is updated.

Oh! Text Hooker ver 0.4p9 ( 2004/03/07 )
rUGP 5.37.20, 5.40.10 patch for Oh! Text Hooker is added. rUGP is a famous adventure game engine. However, the games using this game engine don't work correctly with Oh! Text Hooker because rUGP caches font information. To fix this problem, I made a rUGP patch. Patch the UnivUI.dll of the rUGP, and try to run the game with Oh! Text Hooker. Oh! Text Hooker will hook the text correctly. Known bug : infinite repeated text.
rUGP 5.37.20 patch is util/rUGP53720pch.exe.
rUGP 5.40.10 patch is util/rUGP54010pch.exe.
rUGP homepage is http://www.age-soft.co.jp/Download/rUGP.
GetGlyphOutlineA crash bug is fixed.
If you met a incorrectly hooked games, please make a patch (like I did) and send me. I will redistribute the patch with Oh! Text Hooker. I can't make patches for all games (I am lazy).

Oh! Text Hooker ver 0.4p8 ( 2004/03/05 )
RealLive.exe patch for Oh! Text Hooker is added. RealLive.exe is a famous adventure game engine. However, the games using this game engine don't work correctly with Oh! Text Hooker because RealLive.exe caches font information. To fix this problem, I made a RealLive.exe patch. Patch the game, and try to run the game with Oh! Text Hooker. Oh! Text Hooker will hook the text correctly.
RealLive.exe patch is util/rlivepch.exe.
RealLive homepage is http://www.product.co.jp.
The game list using RealLive.exe is found at http://www.product.co.jp/soft01.asp
This version Oh! Text Hooker is same with the last version Oh! Text Hooker except for RealLive.exe patch.
FAQ is updated.

Oh! Text Hooker ver 0.4p7 ( 2004/02/20 )
Chris Dahlberg made a wonderful Japanese English dictionary plugin, jedic.dll. When an unfamiliar kanji appears, highlight it with the cursor and a definition will be displayed in the translation window.
The source code is available at doc/plugins/jedic. The code is written in Visual C++ 7.

Oh! Text Hooker ver 0.4p6 ( 2004/02/19 )
Fix character set update bug.
Move ohthk.exe and ohthkdll.dll to bin directory.
Move ohbbhlp.dll to plugins/ohbbhlp directory.
Internal structure is changed.

Oh! Text Hooker ver 0.4p5 ( 2004/02/17 )
Fix several minor bugs.

Oh! Text Hooker ver 0.4p4 ( 2004/02/16 )
Fix jetrans.dll causing a crash bug.

Oh! Text Hooker ver 0.4p3 ( 2004/02/16 )
Fix memory a leak bug in the jetrans.dll.
Add a selected text field in the OTHTR struct by plugin developer's request.

Oh! Text Hooker ver 0.4p2 ( 2004/02/14 )
Improve "Remove repeated text (smart)" option.
bbtrans.dll and jkeztrans.dll now supports the long sentence which has 120 characters like Oh! Text Hooker 0.3p8 because many users want Oh! Text Hooker to translate long sentence. As you know, jkeztrans.dll sometimes causes crash in the case of long sentence. If jkeztrans.dll caused crash because of long sentence, use jkeztrans_120.dll instead. It doesn't translate long sentence.
FAQ is updated.
Add more screenshots.

Oh! Text Hooker ver 0.4p1 ( 2004/02/12 )
Add "Remove repeated text (smart)" option. If you select "Remove repeated text (smart)", it will remove repeated text smarter way than before. It will analyze the repeated text pattern statistically and print correct form. It takes a little time to work correctly because it needs to analyze the repeated text pattern.
Fix several small bugs.

Oh! Text Hooker ver 0.4 ( 2004/02/10 )
Japanese-English translation plugin is added. jetrans.dll plugin supports Japanese-English translation. However, it translates Japanese into English by using web translation, which means that jetrans.dll may not work if it causes heavy server/network overload some time later. If you want to see the screenshot of Japanese-English translation, click here.
Now, you can play Japanese games even if you don't know Japanese. ( WOW )
The jetrans.dll source code is available in the doc/plugins/jetrans directory.
Except for jetrans.dll, everything is same with the last version.

Oh! Text Hooker ver 0.3p9 ( 2004/01/29 )
The flooding hooked text could cause a crash or make the application very slow. It was not a Oh! Text Hooker bug but a ezTrans XP bug. ezTrans XP sometimes hangs or crashes when the translating text has over 120 characters. If you can't believe it, try to translate this with ezTrans XP. ezTrans XP will crash. To fix this bug, I changed Oh! Text Hooker. Now, Oh! Text Hooker will not pass long sentences ( more than 120 characters. ) to ezTrans XP.
Add "Print invisible text" option. This option usually prints garbage characters. But, it sometimes prints useful characters. If you can't get what you want, try to turn on this option.
Fix a potential race condition bug.
FAQ is updated.

Oh! Text Hooker ver 0.3p8 ( 2003/12/05 )
Some users reported me that the characters are broken in Japanese locale. It was because the font setting menu is a little bit confusing. From this version, any fonts can be set without any confusion. If the Korean character is not displayed in Japanese locale, set the font as Gulim.
FAQ is updated.

Oh! Text Hooker ver 0.3p7 ( 2003/11/27 )
The flooding hooked text causing a crash bug is fixed.

Oh! Text Hooker ver 0.3p6 ( 2003/11/26 )
Fix a memory leak bug.

Oh! Text Hooker ver 0.3p5 ( 2003/11/25 )
jkeztrans.dll is much more improved.

Oh! Text Hooker ver 0.3p4 ( 2003/11/24 )
jkeztrans.dll is more improved.

Oh! Text Hooker ver 0.3p3 ( 2003/11/24 )
jkeztrans.dll is improved. If you don't like this improved jktrans.dll. Use the old version.
Disable currently not-supported menus.
FAQ for Korean people is written.

Oh! Text Hooker ver 0.3p2 ( 2003/11/19 )
Some users told me that Oh! Text Hooker prints too many garbage characters. So I tried to fix the problem. This version may be better or worse than the last version. Because some text may not be hooked. In my opinion, this version is better. If you are suffered by garbage characters, try to use this version.

Oh! Text Hooker ver 0.3p1 ( 2003/11/18 )
ezTrans XP plugin is added ( jkeztrans.dll ).
It is programmed by nightknight, a team leader of Arcadia Studio. The source code is written in Borland Delphi and is included in the document directory. SPECIAL THANKS TO NIGHTKNIGHT.
To use jkeztrans.dll, ezTrans XP should be installed in the PC. ezTrans XP is a commercial Japanese-Korean, Korean-Japanese translator software. You can buy ezTrans XP from ChangshinSoft
In my opinion, jkeztrans.dll is better than bbtrans.dll. So, if you have installed Babel TOP 2002 and ezTrans XP, use ezTrans XP ( jkeztrans.dll ).
In about dialog box, it displays the correct version number. The previous version displayed the wrong version number.

Oh! Text Hooker ver 0.3 ( 2003/11/17 )
Babel TOP 2002 plugin is added ( bbtrans.dll ).
bbtrans.dll is using Oh! Babel Helper Library.
To use bbtrans.dll, Babel TOP 2002 should be installed in the PC. Babel TOP 2002 is a commercial Japanese-Korean, Korean-Japanese translator software. You can buy Babel TOP 2002 from Unisoft.
jktrans.dll is removed from the plugin directory, but its source code is still available in the document directory.

jktrans.dll doesn't work now. ( 2003/07/25 )
I am very sorry to inform you of sad news. Japanese-Korean translation plugin for Oh! Text Hooker doesn't work now. Another free Japanese-Korean translation web service got blocked also as I expected. :-(
Now, I decided to stop supporting jktrans.dll until I get the information about the reasonable way to translate Japanese into Korean. ( I DO NOT want the translation application but translation library. ) If there is anyone who knows about it, please let me know. And if you look at jktrans.dll source code, included in the Oh! Text Hooker zip file, you can easily understand what I want.
Actually, I tried to contact various Japanese-Korean translation application companies such as Changshin Soft, Unisoft, and so on. However, I couldn't get any help.

Oh! Text Hooker ver 0.2p2 ( 2003/07/13 )
Free Japanese-Korean translation web service that was used in the plugin is finally blocked as I expected.
I changed to another free Japanese-Korean translation web service.
After this free Japanese-Korean translation web service is blocked, I will not continue to support this plugin.
If you can, please make a good translation plugin for everyone.

Oh! Text Hooker ver 0.2p1 ( 2003/07/04 )
Fix many not critical bugs.

Oh! Text Hooker ver 0.2 ( 2003/07/03 )
Add realtime Japanese-Korean translator plugin. ( See Screenshots page )
To add the plugin, the internal structure is a little bit changed.
Become more unstable than before. :-(

Oh! Text Hooker ver 0.1p3 ( 2003/05/22 )
Add filesystem API Hooks.
Default charset is SHIFTJIS.

Oh! Text Hooker ver 0.1p2 ( 2003/05/21 )
Add some missing hooking APIs.
Always on top is off in the default setting.

Oh! Text Hooker ver 0.1p1 ( 2003/05/18 )
Fix Memory Leaks

Oh! Text Hooker ver 0.1 ( 2003/05/16 )
First Version